News and Events

Community Recycling Day
Zebulon Public Works will conduct our annual Community Recycling Day on Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. at Zebulon Municipal Complex, 1003 N. Arendell Avenue.  Please enter the driveway from Arendell Avenue and exit on Judd Street.  Bring household items which cannot be discarded in the landfill for proper disposal - paint, pesticides/herbicides, motor oil, antifreeze, electronics, fluorescent lamps, tires off the rim, appliances, batteries, and televisions.  New this year will be a paper shredding truck.  It's the perfect opportunity to shred your confidential documents.  For more information, please call 919-269-5285.


Street Analysis
Town of Zebulon hired Volkert Engineering in November 2015 to conduct a street analysis of the Town's 19.39 miles of streets with an estimated value of $14 million.  Volkert performed an in-depth evaluation of pavement management practices and made recommendations for improvement.  The evaluation included a review of the pavement condition survey methodology, the strategy for selecting pavement treatments, and other noteworthy practices.  The existing pavement condition is displayed on the map below.

2015 Pavement Conditions Map


Yates Place Stormwater Phase I Improvements
Improvements to the storm drainage system to Yates Place cul-de-sac are included in the FY2015 budget. The planned improvements are:

  • Add three new catch basins in the cul-de-sac
  • Parallel existing 24" Reinforced Concrete Pipe with an additional 24" RCP pipe to provide additional capacity
  • Installation of a dry detention pond

The goal of these improvements is to eliminate flooding in the cul-de-sac. The contract has been awarded to Step Construction in LaGrange, NC for $218,654.00.  Notice to proceed was issued on January 14, 2016. Substantial completion is expected by May 4, 2016 with final completion by June 4, 2016.  Design and construction inspection is being provided by Green Engineering of Wilson, NC.



Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to be Completed for N. Wakefield Street
The Town of Zebulon hired The Wooten Company to review drainage and resurfacing of N. Wakefield Street.  The Wooten Company completed the following scope:

  • Evaluate the existing pavement condition, drainage system and pedestrian access
  • Develop conceptual designs to address pavement condition, drainage improvements, and pedestrian access
  • Develop Preliminary Cost Estimates for each design.

The project report will be presented to the Zebulon Board of Commissioners on April 20, 2016. 


Composters For Sale
The Town of Zebulon has composters available for purchase.  Composing allows decomposed materials to be reused as a nutritious supplement for your garden, lawn and house plants. Click here for details on purchasing a composter.


Stormwater Volunteers Needed
Look for "Mr. Drip" and upcoming opportunities to protect our stormwater system.  Zebulon Public Works is seeking citizen volunteers to participate in Stormwater Management activities.  Anyone wishing to volunteer for a citizens stormwater group may contact Zebulon Public Works at 919-269-5285.



If you have any questions concerning a news item or event, please contact Zebulon Public Works at (919) 269-5285.