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We recently completed tub grinding of the yardwaste and mulch is available for delivery to town residents. If you are interested in receiving free mulch, please sign a mulch waiver at the Finance Dept. in Town Hall or at Public Works.  Click here to print a waiver.  Waivers can be faxed or mailed to Public Works. 


"Welcome to Zebulon" Sign

Town Sign Due to a grant from Wake County Economic Development secured by Zebulon Planning Dept, the "Welcome to Zebulon" sign located near Zebulon Town Hall will be replaced in July 2015.  The current sign is over 22 years old and has deteriorated due to wood rot.  The new sign will resemble the "Welcome to Downtown Zebulon" sign installed on S. Arendell Avenue.


Town of Zebulon Greenway Master Plan

The design contract for the Greenway Master Plan was awarded to obs landscape architects and AMT Consulting Engineers design team.  The preliminary draft will be presented to the Board of Commissioners on July 22 and the final plan will be presented to the BOC on September 8, 2015. To view a copy of the draft plan, click on the links below:

Table of Contents
Section 1 - Executive Summary
Section 2 - Introduction
Section 3 - Planning Process
Section 4 - Inventory & Analysis
Section 5 - System Components
Section 6 - Trail System
Section 7 - Implementation Strategies
Section 8 - Funding Sources
Section 9 - Design Guidelines
Section 10 - Maintenance & Management

Our goal is to produce a community-based plan through public participation in the planning process.      

Survey results show 96% of respondents support the development of a greenway system and 98%
believe greenway promote economic development. Please check out the website at 
for more information or send an email to  We want to hear from you!


Yates Place Stormwater Phase I Improvements
Improvements to the storm drainage system to Yates Place cul-de-sac are included in the FY2015 budget. The planned improvements are:

  • Add two new catch basins in the cul-de-sac
  • Upgrade the 24" RCP to a 36" RCP pipe
  • Install a level spreader at discharge point

These improvements will eliminate flooding n the cul-de-sac. Construction bids are planned for mid-summer 2015 with construction starting in early Fall 2015.  This project should be completed by October 2015.


Composters For Sale
The Town of Zebulon has composters available for purchase.  Composing allows decomposed materials to be reused as a nutritious supplement for your garden, lawn and house plants. Click here for details on purchasing a composter.


Stormwater Volunteers Needed
Look for "Mr. Drip" and upcoming opportunities to protect our stormwater system.  Zebulon Public Works is seeking citizen volunteers to participate in Stormwater Management activities.  Anyone wishing to volunteer for a citizens stormwater group may contact Zebulon Public Works at 919-269-5285.



If you have any questions concerning a news item or event, please contact Zebulon Public Works at (919) 269-5285.