About Us

About Us

The Zebulon Police Department strives to provide efficient, effective and professional law enforcement services to the community. The members of the Zebulon Police Department are committed to providing the highest level of police service. Members strive to improve the quality of life in the community by building partnerships that reduce crime, maintain order, enhance police/citizen relationships and create a safe environment while upholding the U.S. Constitution, NC. State Laws and Town Ordinances. Our daily goal is to operate by our core values which are Integrity, Service, and Professionalism.


Mission Statement

We will enhance community engagements, while keeping Zebulon safe.

Organizational Structure

The Zebulon Department is comprised of  21 sworn full time law enforcement officers along with several sworn part-time and reserve officers, along with one civilian administrative assistant. 

We have three division.  Patrol and Investigations are led by Captain Edwin Killette.  Deputy Police Chief Bob Grossman oversees all three divisions, with Chief Jacqui Boykin leading the department. 


The Administration Division consists of the Chief of Police, an Operations Commander and Administrative Assistant.  The Command Unit is made up of Chief, Deputy Chief, and both Captains.

Patrol Services

The Patrol Services Division is managed by the Patrol Bureau Commander Captain.  The division is broken down into four squads, each squad consisting of a sergeant and two sworn police officers. Two K-9 Officers work a power shift covering designated shifts. Police officers investigate motor vehicle accidents, investigate violations of criminal law and enforce state laws and Town Ordinances. 

Investigations Division

This division is managed by the Investigations Commander Captain Edwin Killette.  The Detective Division consists of a Sergeant and two Detectives. Investigators investigate serious crimes, such as felonies and some misdemeanor crimes. Investigators within this section also conduct background investigations for employment within the department. They also have the responsibility for managing and controlling all evidence and found property in which comes into the department. They work closely with the CCBI and the State Bureau of Investigation in storing or requesting additional testing of evidence. 

Jacqui Boykin
Police Chief
Bob Grossman
Deputy Police Chief
Edwin Killette
Police Captain
Jeremy Mozingo
Police Captain