Long Range Planning (Transportation/Comprehensive Plans)

Comp Plan


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Long Range Planning 


 The Town's Comprehensive Land Use Plan can be defined as a long-range planning tool that is intended to be utilized by Town staff, decision-makers, and citizens to help guide the growth and physical development of a community for 15 to 30 years. The Plan becomes a vision for what the community desires to become and is essentially a long-range statement of public policy. Essentially, the Plan is a blueprint for the vision of the built environment for the community, where as the Unified Development Ordinance and other regulatory documents are the tools to make that vision a reality. 

The Town of Zebulon Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2008 and while still in effect, many of the policies may not fully represent the changing dynamics of the Town, including unprecedented growth that we are currently experiencing. The opening paragraph of the Plan states: 

A comprehensive plan is not a permanent document, however. It can, and should be changed and rewritten over
time. For many fast growing communities, it is necessary to revise or update the comprehensive plan every five to ten
years. In order for the comprehensive plan to be relevant to the community it must remain current.

So the Town is doing something about it. This winter we are beginning the process to rewrite both the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan with the assistance of Ramey Kemp and Associates and Kendig Keast Collaborative and will be reaching out to a wide range of stakeholders, focus groups, and the general public to get your ideas, thoughts, and input in this very important document. 

If you wish to stay informed of the process, please e-mail us at mclark@TownofZebulon.com and we will put you on the contact list for various events moving forward. 


Sara Rogan
Planning Technician