Most Wanted

Most Wanted Suspects



Ashley D. Scott

B/F Age: 26

Charge: FTA - Cruelty to Animals

David D. Reed

B/M Age: 31

Charge: Simple Possession of Sch. VI CS

Jason H. Bunn

W/M Age: 36

Charge: FTA - Simple Poss. Sch. II CS

Henry D. Evans - Robinson

B/M Age: 22

Charge: Misdemeanor Larceny

Michael C. Oneal

B/M Age: 51

Charge: OFA - DWLR

Angela N. Debnam

B/F DOB: 41

Charge: School Attendance Law Violation (M)

Penny J. Dowdy

B/F Age: 47

Charge: OFA - 2nd Degree Trespass

Rhonda Michelle Oneal

B/F Age: 33

Charge: OFA - Simple Affray

Edward Lee Knight III

B/M Age: 46

Charge: OFA - Larceny < $1,000 (M)

John Michael McLean

W/M Age: 25

Charge: OFA - Simple poss. Sch. III CS

Sheldon Oxley

W/M Age: 44

Charge: Poss. Marijuana < 1/2 oz. (M)

Derrell Atkins

B/M Age: 29

Charge: Felony Possession Sch. I CS (F)

Romeo V. Williams

B/M Age: 59

Charge: Breaking & Entering (M)


Timothy Hayworth
Police Chief
Dennis Brannan
Police Captain
Bob Grossman
Police Lieutenant
Ashley Dixon
Police Lieutenant