Appointed Boards

There are five appointed board for the Town. These boards and committees make decisions and recommendations that are used to provided better services to the Town and its residents.  We are always looking for people that interested in volunteering for these positions. If you are interested please fill out the volunteer interest form and indicate where you would like to serve. If you have questions please feel free to contact us at 919-823-1802

Volunteer Interest Form

Parks & Recreation Board/Tree Board

Meets the Third Monday of Every Month (if necessary)  -  Meetings are held at  Zebulon Town Hall at 6:00pm.

This Board consists of seven members who must reside in the Town or ETJ and makes recommendations on how to expand and/or improve the parks and programs offered by the Town. 

Planning Board

Meets the Second Monday if a Joint Public Hearing is held and the fourth Monday (if necessary)  to conduct business.

The Board consists of seven members  -  five in-town residents and two ETJ residents, and makes recommendations on land use, text amendments, zoning and subdivision review.

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

Meets the Second and Fourth Wednesday of Every Month (if necessary) at 10:00am.

This Committee consists of members from Town staff, one City of Raleigh Public Utilities representative, one Wake County Stormwater  representative.  This provides an opportunity for staff and developers to formally discuss a proposed project to ensure that the plan meets   all Town, City of Raleigh and Wake County requirements.

Board of Adjustment

Meets the Last Thursday  of the month on an as needed bases at 7:00pm.

The Board consists of five members  -  four in-town residents, one  ETJ resident. There are also two alternates that fill in when a regular member cannot attend. This Board makes decisions on appeals made by citizens, developers or business owners concerning decisions made by the Land Use Administrator, which is the Planning Director for the Town of Zebulon. They would also hear a request for variances from the Unified Development Ordinance and interpretations of the zoning map.

Appeal Hearing Board

This group meets on an as needed basis and consists of three staff members and one citizen.

The Board  reviews all appeals of civil citations issued by the Town.