Parks and Recreation

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To connect all people and the community through quality parks, facilities, and programs.


To create recreational and cultural opportunities that enhance quality of life and connect our residents through positive impacts on health and wellness, social interaction, economic growth, and environmental stewardship.

The Zebulon Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates six public parks, a greenway, and a downtown pocket park within the Town Of Zebulon. These parks contain walking trails, walking loops, athletic facilities, playgrounds, picnic shelters, a disc golf course, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, and natural areas.  Zebulon Parks and Recreation also manages the Zebulon Community Center which has a gymnasium, classrooms, exercise/ weight rooms, and an art room, all of which can be rented for family or business gatherings.

Our staff implements many exciting programs, activities, and events throughout the year with the purpose of bringing community members together to play, learn, and pursue healthy living.

The Town of Zebulon Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a long-range planning document that is meant to help shape the direction, development and delivery of the Town's parks and recreation facilities. Based on a comprehensive planning approach, this plan considers previous planning documents, department goals, existing conditions, and assessment of needs to provide a framework for recommendations and prioritization strategies.

This Master Plan is a continuation of the diligent planning efforts undertaken by the Town,  and seeks to build upon the existing framework and establish a roadmap for the future of Zebulon's Park System. The foundation for this plan will be driven by the Town's desire to improve the quality of life for Zebulon residents by providing excellent parks and community facilities and recreation opportunities for a diverse, growing population.

The Process

This project followed a linear process, building upon previous work that begins with an overview of existing parks and facilities, analysis of public needs and priorities, formation of a long range system-wide vision, and lastly, implementation priorities, funding strategies and policy recommendations.

Community Involvement

Community involvement in this process was key to the development of an effective Master Plan. There was a variety of opportunities for the community to get involved. . 

Final Document

The Board of Commissioners adopted the Play Zebulon: Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan on September 13th, 2021 following recommended approval by the Zebulon Parks a

The  Board of commissioners adopted the Little River Park Site Specific Master Plan in November of 2022 following public engagement and after adoption of the P&R Comprehensive Master Plan. 

Little River Park Conceptual Plan

The Board of Commissioners adopted a Recreation Impact Fee Study on November 1st following a Joint Public Hearing on September 20th and a subsequent recommendation from the Zebulon Planning Board. The Board of Commissioners also adopted a fee schedule change effective January 1st, 2022 that will charge $3000 per single family dwelling units and $2500 for multi-family dwelling units as an Impact Fee to new development. This fee is intended to mitigate impacts on the park system due to growth from new development. 

Throughout the year we have various sponsorship opportunities to support youth athletics, events, and our youth scholarship program. If you are interested in being a sponsor in our programs, please contact us 919-823-0432 and we can help connect you with our programs.