The Administration Department is comprised of the Town Manager, HR Director/Town Clerk and the Town Attorney. The Town of Zebulon is organized under the Council-Manager form of Government, pursuant to NCGS 160A-147. Under this structure the Town Board of Commissioners, which is elected by the citizens, sets policy and selects the Town Manager, the Town Clerk and Town Attorney.

Town Manager

The Town Manager is Joe Moore who has a BS and Masters from NC State in Civil Engineering and a Masters from UNC Chapel Hill in Public Administration.  In accordance with the Council-Manager form of government, the Town Manager’s duties include:

  • supervising day to day operations of the Town;
  • supervise the selection and dismissal of all town employees;
  • prepare and submit the annual Town budget and capital program to the Board;
  • recommend policies and programs to the Board to address community needs;
  • attend all meetings of the Board of Commissioners;
  • shall make any other reports that the Board may require

Joe began his duties as Town Manager on August 3, 2015.  The Board and Staff are happy to have him on staff and is looking forward to the new beginnings he will bring to the Town of Zebulon.

HR Director/Town Clerk

The HR Director/Town Clerk is Lisa Markland who has a BS in Business Administration Human Resource Management. She is a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC, NCCMC), and her primary duties include:

  • manage HR functions for the Town
  • attendance at all Board meetings;
  • preparation of agendas for Board meetings;
  • preparation of minutes for the various Town Boards;
  • preparation and publishing of Town ordinances, resolutions;
  • custodian of records and legal documents pertaining to the Town;
  • IT management;
  • personnel policy;
  • providing assistant to Town Manager and Board of Commissioners