Parks, Facilities & Rentals

The Zebulon Parks and Recreation Department offers six public parks and a Community Center for recreation enthusiast in the Zebulon area. 

Zebulon Community Park - 401 S. Arendell Ave. 

The Zebulon Community Park is the largest park in Zebulon consisting of 47.5 acres full of two athletic fields, a walking trail, two outdoor basketball courts, a disc golf course, two playgrounds and a picnic shelter.

Zebulon Elementary School Park - 1002 Dogwood Dr.

The Zebulon Elementary School Park is tucked behind the Zebulon Library and Eastern Regional Center and is filled with two baseball fields, a soccer field, volleyball net, a picnic shelter and an open playfield. 

Wakelon Elementary School Park - 8921 Pippin Rd.

Wakelon Elementary School Park located off of Pippin Road is ideal for anyone looking for an open space rental. This park consists of two multipurpose fields along with a picnic shelter. 

Gill Street Park - 600 N. Privette St.

Gill Street Park is quaint park located between Privette and Gill Street that includes two playgrounds and an outdoor basketball court. 

Whitley Park - 601 N. Wakefield St.

Whitley Park is a lovely shaded park fit for the more relaxing and picnic admirers. Whitley Park holds two playground areas, picnic shelter, and a tennis court.

Little River Park - 1800 W. Gannon Ave.

Little River Park is one of the oldest parks in Zebulon. Known for its natural flowing river, Little River Park is for all nature lovers who enjoy fishing, playing in the white sandy beaches or meditating to the gentle sounds of water rolling through. 

Zebulon Community Center - 301 S. Arendell Ave.

What used to be the old Zebulon Armory, the Zebulon Community Center has transformed into a vibrant and fun-filled community building. The Zebulon Community Center is our most active facility with numerous programs and activities taking place throughout the day with an open gym area, two fitness rooms, two activity rooms, an art room, and a classroom that are available for rent for birthday parties, meetings or banquets. 

Beaverdam Creek Greenway

Beaverdam Creek Greenway connects Taryn Meadows to Weaver's Pond and is just under 1 mile. This project was 100% grant funded (John Rex Endowment, CAMPO, Wake County, and PARTF) and includes amenities along the route such as bike repair, fitness equipment, swings, and an overlook. Public access points can be found on Spiderlily Court, Ginger Lake Court, and at Pippin Road near the Hendricks Pond.


Zebulon Parks and Recreation offers a variety of options for rental opportunities. Picnic shelter rentals are perfect for small outdoor family gatherings such as family cookouts, birthday parties, or small family reunions. The Community Center can assist you with rentals from small business meetings through a large wedding reception or any other family or business function. Please call (919) 823-0432 for more information. Please be aware that we require at least TWO WEEKS notice on all rentals.

Picnic Shelter Rentals 

Zebulon Community Park (3 hours total) - $40 Residents   $80 Non-Residents (max 75 people)

Whitley Park (3 hours total) - $30 Residents   $60 Non-Residents (max 50 people)

Zebulon Elementary School (3 hours total) - $30 Residents   $60 Non-Residents (max 75 people)

Wakelon Elementary School (3 hours total) - $30 Residents   $60 Non-Residents (max 75 people)

** Additional hours can be added at a rate of $10 per hour for residents and $20 per hour for non-residents. **

Picnic Shelter Rental Application

Community Center Rentals

The Community Center is the perfect place for your family or business needs. From small business meetings and baby showers to large events such as family reunions, birthday parties, and wedding receptions, the Community Center has a space that will be just right for you. Simply download and fill out the Facility Rental Application and return it to the Community Center to get a quote. Please be aware that we require 30 days notice on all rentals so don't wait, fill out your forms today.  

Community Center Rental Application

Community Center Rental Rules and Policies

Community Center Rental Policies For Event With Alcohol

Community Center Rental Brochure (Pricing and Info)

Athletic Field Rental

The Zebulon Parks and Recreation Department has six athletic fields available to rent when possible. Each can be used for practices, camps, special events, games, tournaments, and so much more. There are two open field spaces at Wakelon Elementary School Park, two youth baseball fields behind Zebulon Elementary School Park, and an adult-size baseball and softball field at Zebulon Community Park. Whitley Park Tennis Courts and Community Park Basketball Courts are also available for rent. The rental fees are below. If interested, print the rental application and return it to 1003 North Arendell Ave. and call (919) 823-1815 for availability. Please be aware that we require at least TWO WEEKS notice on all rentals. 

Baseball, Soccer, Multi-Purpose Fields 
$30/hour; $90/Half-Day (4 hours); $150/Full Day (8 hours)  (Residents)
$45/hour; $125/Half-Day (4 hours); $200/Full Day (8 hours)  (Non-Residents)

Tennis Courts (Whitley Park) - $25/hour (Residents)     $40/hour (Non-Residents)

Basketball Courts (Community Park) -  $25/hour (Residents)    $40/hour (Non-Residents)

Lights (Community Park and Zebulon Elementary School Park) - $35/hour (Residents)     $50/hour (Non-Residents)

Field Preparation - $60 per field, per day

Non-Profit Groups - Fees determined on a case-by-case basis

**Zebulon Parks and Recreation athletic teams have first access to each field.**

Facility Reservation

Park Rules

General Park Rules

  1. Park opens at dawn and closes at dusk except for town approved programs and events.
  2. Group and extended use must be pre-approved by the parks and recreation department.
  3. Be kind and courteous to others.
  4. Use park amenities for their intended purpose.
    1. Use caution, play equipment surfaces may be hot.
  5. Adult supervision of children required.
  6. Selling or bartering of goods/services must be pre-approved by the parks and recreation department.
  7. Pets must be kept on a leash, pet waste disposed of properly, and pets kept off athletic fields.
    1. Pet waste stations are available on-site.
  8. Keep motor vehicles on roadways and park in designated parking areas.
  9. Use of tobacco and vaping products is limited to the designated parking areas.

The following are prohibited:

  1. Littering, dumping, or defacing/damaging park property including turf and plants
  2. Alcohol (unless permitted by the town)
  3. Glass containers
  4. Amplification of music (unless permitted by the town)
  5. Open fires
  6. Weapons
    1. Except as permitted by N.C.G.S. 14-415.11

Greenway Rules

  1. The speed limit on trails is 10 mph
  2. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on greenways
  3. It is prohibited to kill, trap, or harm wildlife
  4. Horses are prohibited on trails
  5. All trail users under the age of 16 are required to wear a safety helmet when using a bike, skates, scooters or any other non-motorized vehicle
  6. Remain on the right side of the trail except when passing and be aware of others on the trail.
  7. Bicyclists and skaters must always yield the right of way to pedestrians
  8. Patrons are encouraged to walk or jog with a friend
  9. Stay on the paved and marked trail at all times
    1. Be respectful of private property.
Hannah Hayworth
Recreation Assistant
Nick Rummage
Parks Manager/Athletic Coordinator
Amy Hayden
Recreation Manager
Hannah Mabe
Recreation Coordinator