The Department is led by Police Chief Tim Hayworth and is made up of 22 full time sworn officers, two part time officers, one reserve officer and an administrative assistant. Currently, the department is divided into three Bureaus: Administration, Patrol, and Service. A variety of programs and units, from K-9 to traffic, operate within these bureaus. By navigating this site you will be able to find out more about these and other exciting things our department has to offer.

The officers of the Zebulon Police Department are dedicated public servants who work to serve the community in a professional, ethical and unbiased manner. Our officers constantly strive to improve as we partake in numerous training sessions around the state and within our own quarterly training program. Our daily goal is to operate by our core values which are Integrity, Honesty, Service to others, and Fairness.

It is our goal to continue to reduce crime and apprehend criminals so that citizens and others who pass through our town can feel safe to function without the fear of harassment and violence that so often victimizes citizens in today’s society. The only way to ensure that this goal is met is for the Police Department to form a partnership with the community. This partnership must include residents, businesses, public service agencies and the faith community in order to be successful. This partnership is known as "Community Policing.” Every employee of the Zebulon Police Department is dedicated to the ideas and principles of community policing as detailed in the community policing portion of this website. Thank you for visiting our website, please contact us at 919/823-1818 if you need any additional information.