Transportation Projects

Intersection Improvement Projects

The Town of Zebulon is experiencing rapid growth along several major corridors throughout town. As new neighborhoods are built and new residents move into our community, the increased traffic requires changes to our roadways to ease congestion and enable the safe, smooth movement of traffic. The Town is working with the NC Department of Transportation and various engineers, surveyors, contractors, and other firms to design and construct intersection improvements.


Shepard School Road/Old Bunn Road/Proctor Street

One area of rapid growth is near the intersection of Shepard School Road and Old Bunn Road/Proctor Street. A traffic study conducted in January of 2020 indicated that the volume of traffic flowing through the intersection would necessitate a light once the new neighborhoods were fully built. While NCDOT has this project in its long-range plans, the Town of Zebulon is moving forward with funding and constructing the improvements now in recognition of the project's importance to the Zebulon community. Once completed, NCDOT will take over all maintenance and upkeep for the intersection, from the monthly power bills to future infrastructure repairs.

Beginning in November of 2020, the Town is working with consultants, NCDOT, and other state agencies to install turn lanes and traffic signals at this intersection. The final design will improve safety and the flow of traffic. The estimated construction cost is $1.7 million.

While the Town of Zebulon works to implement these improvements, which typically take 3-4 years from design to construction, NCDOT is installing an All Way Stop at this intersection to address safety concerns and traffic back-ups on Old Bunn Road and Proctor Street.


 Plan view of intersection improvements


Project Timeline




Warrant Analysis

COMPLETE - Jan 2020

Planning discussions with NCDOT

COMPLETE - Fall 2020

Maintenance Agreement executed with NCDOT

COMPLETE - Jan 2021

Hire engineer for design, environmental permitting, surveying, utility coordination, & erosion control

COMPLETE - Nov 2020

Survey existing conditions and elevations

COMPLETE - Mar 2022

30% Construction plans approval from NCDOT

COMPLETE - April 2021

60% Construction plans approval from NCDOT

COMPLETE - Nov 2021

Obtain environmental permits

COMPLETE - Jan 2022

Secure buffer mitigation credits

COMPLETE - Jan 2022

Hire right-of-way (ROW) agent

COMPLETE - Mar 2022

Purchase Easements and ROW


Design water line relocations


100% Construction Plans approval by NCDOT

 Spring 2023

Complete Bid Documents, Estimates, & Specs

 Spring 2023

Contract for Construction

Fall 2023

Contract for Construction Administration/CEI Services

Fall 2023

Project Construction

Spring - Fall 2024

Project Closeout

Fall 2024



Green Pace Road/North Arendell Avenue



Plan view of intersection of Green Pace Road and Arendell Avenue

Chris Ray
Jason Brown
Construction Inspection Supervisor
Mary Duffy
Administrative Contracts Manager
Jeanine Corbett
Administrative Asst