Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Preparedness: make a plan, build a kit, be informed.


Are you prepared for emergencies that may occur?  Emergencies can occur in many ways, from hurricanes, to tornadoes, to fires, to many other events which can affect you.  It is important that we be prepared!  Three ways to prepare are to Make a Plan, Build a Kit, and Be Informed.

Make A Plan

Do you have an emergency plan? Be sure you make a plan and keep it up to date.  It's important to know what emergencies could affect you and what you'll need to do if it happens.  The Ready.Gov website provides great info for you to make a plan today!

feature_mini imgBuild a Kit

So when emergencies hit, do you have those critical items you need?  A good rule of thumb is to be able to be self-sufficient for several days.  To be sure you're prepared, everyone needs an emergency kit of key items.  There lots of items that you may need when you build a kit, including water, food, and flashlights.  Ready.Gov can help by suggesting items to include when you build a kit.  That website includes a checklist of items and additional emergency supplies.  Maybe you even need one in your home and your automobile!

Be Informed

Reaady Wake Alerts BannerOne way to be informed is to be signed up for the ReadyWake! notification system.  The ReadyWake! system can call, text, and/or email participants when important events occur.  As an example, ReadyWake! can be used if a person becomes lost to notify neighbors to be on the lookout.  Or, as another example, ReadyWake! can be used to notify residents of a ruptured gas line in a neighborhood so everyone avoids the area.  Consider signing up today!