Appointed Boards

There are five appointed board for the Town.
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Appeal Hearing Board - consists of three staff members and one citizen
       The Board  reviews all appeals of civil citations issued by the Town.

Board of Adjustment - consists of five members  -  three in-town residents and two ETJ residents
       The Board makes decisions on appeals concerning decision by the Land Use Administrator, variances and interpretations of the zoning map.

Parks & Recreation Board/Tree Board - consists of seven members who must reside in the Town or ETJ
       The Board makes recommendations on how to expand and/or improve the parks and programs offered by the Town.

Planning Board  - consists of seven members  -  four in-town residents and three ETJ residents
       The Board makes recommendations on land use, special use permits, zoning and subdivision review.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) - consists of seven members  -  five Town staff, one City of Raleigh Public Utilities representative, one Wake               County Stormwater representative.     The TRC provides and opportunity for staff and developers to formally discuss a proposed project to
        ensure that the plan meets all Town, City of Raleigh and Wake County requirements.