Learn about some of the most common home improvement projects permitted to homeowners and contractors. 


Considering changes or renovations to the interior of your home? Then you may need a permit for those alterations. Alterations are structural or physical changes to the interior space of your home.

Decks, Ramps & Screened Porches

Planning to add a deck, accessible ramp or screened porch addition to your home? Then you must obtain the proper permit before starting construction and obtain inspections during construction.


A Zoning Fence Permit is needed to install a fence on residential or nonresidential property. Fences that are made of wood, metal or masonry products follow this process for approval unless the masonry construction creates a wall higher than four feet.

Home Occupations

A Zoning Home Occupation Permit is used to establish a home occupation. A home occupation is one that is conducted entirely within a dwelling and is incidental and secondary to the residence.

Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs

The requirements for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs are established through the NC Building Code and the Town's Ordinance. These requirements are meant to ensure pools are safe and to help prevent anyone from drowning or becoming entrapped.

Storage & Other Accessory Buildings

If you are planning to add or construct a storage shed or other accessory building on your property, you will need a permit and inspections. Inspection of the project is needed to ensure building safety and to protect property values.

Yard Sale Permit

If you are planning to have a yard sale, you will need a permit.  You may have 4 yard sales per year. 
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