Parks and Recreation

Zebulon Parks and Recreation Department works to enhance the lives of our citizens and visitors by providing beautiful parks, play opportunities, wellness programs, and educational opportunities. From sports leagues, fitness classes, art programs, travel experiences, educational presentations, summer camps, to the Zebulon Farm Fresh Market, there is something for everyone.

The Zebulon Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates six public parks within the Town Of Zebulon. These parks contain walking trails, walking loops, athletic facilities, playgrounds, picnic shelters, a disc golf course, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, and natural areas.  Zebulon Parks and Recreation also manages the Zebulon Community Center which has a gymnasium, classrooms, exercise/ weight rooms, and an art room, all of which can be rented for family or business gatherings.

Our staff implements many exciting programs, activities, and events throughout the year with the purpose of bringing community members together to play, learn, and pursue healthy living. 

The Zebulon Farm Fresh Market is open every Saturday in downtown Zebulon from May through August. 


Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan

The Town of Zebulon Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a long-range planning document that is meant to help shape the direction, development and delivery of the Town’s parks and recreation facilities. Based on a comprehensive planning approach, this plan considers previous planning documents, department goals, existing conditions, and assessment of needs to provide a framework for recommendations and prioritization strategies.

This Master Plan is a continuation of the diligent planning efforts undertaken by the Town,  and seeks to build upon the existing framework and establish a roadmap for the future of Zebulon’s Park System. The foundation for this plan will be driven by the Town’s desire to improve the quality of life for Zebulon residents by providing excellent parks and community facilities and recreation opportunities for a diverse, growing population.

The Process

This project follows a linear process, building upon previous work that begins with an overview of existing parks and facilities, analysis of public needs and priorities, formation of a long range system-wide vision, and lastly, implementation priorities, funding strategies and policy recommendations.

Community Involvement

Community involvement in this process is key to the development of an effective Master Plan. There will be a variety of opportunities for the community to get involved. These opportunities will become available over the next few months. Keep checking our website and social media platforms to stay engaged with the Master Plan Process. 

Your first opportunity to be involved is to take the online survey. 

Join us for a Play Zebulon: Plan to Play Input Session at Whitley Park on Saturday, October 3rd from 10 AM-12 PM.  For more information and to share with your friends and neighbors, check out our Facebook Event. 

El Departamento de Parques y Recreación de Zebulon se está preparando para el desarrollo de un nuevo Plan Maestro de Parques Integrales y Recreación. A través de la investigación y la aportación pública, este plan evaluará el nivel actual y futuro de servicio del sistema de parques y las necesidades recreativas de Zebulon. El propósito de este proyecto será desarrollar un plan apoyado por la comunidad que se relacione directamente con el objetivo del Departamento de Parques y Recreación y proporcione orientación para priorizar, financiar, desarrollar y administrar de manera efectiva parques, instalaciones recreativas, senderos y programas de recreación para los años venideros.

¿Cuáles son sus ideas para el Plan Maestro de Parques y Recreación de Zebulon? ¡Realice la encuesta en línea hoy y anime a sus amigos y vecinos aparticipar también!


Covid-19 Impacts on Parks and Recreation

COVID-19 impacts on Parks and Recreation:

Our parks and walking trails remain open. Please feel free to utilize the park. We ask that you stay home if sick and prioritize using social distancing while at the park. 

The below services/facilities have been suspended until further notice. Staff will continue to monitor the situation and will respond with changes as necessary.

  • Town sponsored events have been suspended.

    • Staff will work to reschedule these events wherever possible. 

    • Town events that may be operated within current state restrictions and guidelines may move forward. 
  • Athletic Field Rentals and Picnic Shelter rentals are being accepted. Those renting the facility must adhere to state guidelines and provided written documentation of how they plan to do that. Contact sport game rentals are not being accepted based on NCDHHS Guidelines. Practices and no contact related play are considered for rentals. 

  • Some youth, adult, and cultural programs are suspended. Visit our Programs page for more information.  

  • Youth Basketball season is cancelled, but be on the lookout for alternative Basketball opportunities. 
  • The Zebulon Community Center is open from 10am - 2pm, Monday thru Friday, for administrative purposes only. 

  • All Park Restrooms and Basketball Courts are open.

    • Restrooms are sanitized once daily. 
    • Be aware of the risk associated with COVID-19.
  • Outdoor groups of more than 50 are not permitted.

Zebulon Parks and Recreation is dedicated to offering recreation opportunities for our community even during tough times. For this reason we are excited to offer self-led recreation opportunities. Visit our Self-Led Recreation page regularly for new activities, videos, and challenges. We are looking forward to keeping our community moving, learning and creating while also providing an outlet to relieve stress. This is a new experience for us, and we look forward to navigating this opportunity and growing these services!

 We request that registrations be conducted on the online portal, You may also mail in registration to 1003 N. Arendell Ave, Zebulon, NC, 27597. If you have business that can be handled by telephone, please call us Monday- Friday (8A M-5 PM) at 919-823-1817. Our parks and walking trails remain open for individual use.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Warning & Disclaimer
Coronavirus, COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through person-to-person contact. It is believed that an individual can be in infected with COVID-19 without their knowledge and be asymptomatic. The Town of Zebulon cannot guarantee that the participant or anyone else will not become infected with COVID-19. Federal and state authorities recommend social distancing as a mean to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 can lead to severe illness, personal injury, permanent disability, and death. Participating in Town of Zebulon programs or accessing Town of Zebulon facilities and equipment could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. The Town of Zebulon in no way warrants that COVID-19 infection will not occur through participation in Town of Zebulon programs of accessing Town of Zebulon facilities and equipment.

For additional town updates related to Covid-19/Coronavirus.

The Rec Report

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Community Center Coordinator
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